Employee Training (Work Force Development)
  1. Business English
  2. Tamil Language
  3. Secretarial Skills Development
  4. Office Management Courses
Information Service
  1. Market Information
  2. Buyer/ Seller /Investor information
  3. Financial instruments/ Schemes/ Organizations Related information
  4. Overseas business promotional information
  5. Business/ Trade/ Market Promotional Information
  6. Access to Resource Information Service and Library Service
  7. Receive quarterly Bulletin (Anuradhagrama)
Opportunities to participate in Trade Promotional Events
  1. Local/ National/ Overseas Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  2. Buyer – Seller Meets
Policy Advocacy and Facilitation
  1. District Enterprise Forum
  2. President’s Conferences
  3. Policy Representation
  4. Safeguarding and promoting members interest
Recognition of Entrepreneurial Talent
  1. Annual “Entrepreneur of the Year” Awards
  2. Annual Colour’s Night